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One of the goals of Missions is to be a presence for Christ in the world. We provide opportunities for mission work locally, nationally, and internationally. Trips are for junior high, senior high/young adults, and adults.

Middle school youth are eligible for our inner-city mission trip on the streets of Seattle.

Senior high and above youth have been on weeklong house-building trips to Juarez, Mexico and Montego Bay, Jamaica, as well as to Louisiana after hurricane Katrina, and to New York after superstorm Sandy.

Adult trips have taken us to Juarez, Mexico and New Orleans, LA.

For some of these trips, we may combine with other churches. If you are interested in any type of mission trip (youth or adult), please contact Denise Brumbaugh. She would love to be able to connect you with resources or offer another type of trip, depending on numbers and interests. We encourage you to put your faith into action and be God’s hands and feet in the world.


Denise Brumbaugh


Youth Social Justice Pilgrimage to the South (2016)

During July 5-14, 2016, Father Elias and St. James’ youth went on a social justice pilgrimage to the South, accompanied by other youth from the diocese.

The youth pilgrims and leaders sojourned through Memphis, TN, Little Rock, AR, and Jackson, MS. They visited key sites and had an opportunity to speak with people who are using their religious and social justice experiences to affect change in their communities. Through these experiences, the youth learned how their own voices can be used towards social justice and reconciliation in their own communities and churches.

The youth wrote blog posts about their experiences, which are available here. Our own youth’s beautiful posts were written by Veronica Soran and Ari Moore.

Juarez, Mexico (2015)

From March 23 to 28, we went back to Juarez, Mexico to build a house. This border ministry, with whom we have shared a relationship with for around 10 years was nearing its end in Spring. So it was particularly important for many of us to return one more, and perhaps one last, time. Here is the completed house with our team, including the Mexican nationals who helped us and the family who received the house and worked alongside us.


Seattle Youth Mission (2015)

St. James‘ “Inner-City Youth Mission”’ to Seattle was a chance for our youth, starting in junior high, to explore the gifts of missions in the familiar surroundings of their own community, giving them the opportunity to step out among His people, to serve in His name, and to share His love through their hands and hearts. This awesome opportunity provided a solid step into missions and a glimpse into the need, the work, and the great blessings of missions. It was a time for team building, a time to learn and gain confidence, a time to alleviate fears, and to experience the many personal blessing that come from accepting and fulfilling His call. It was a time to reflect and know God, a time to learn to listen to His calling, whatever that may be for each individual, and to look forward to future endeavors with confidence, knowing that God will light the path.

Super Storm Sandy (2013)

From 7/28-8/3, six members from St. James went to do some Super Storm Sandy recovery work in Long Island, NY. We did everything from demolition on a couple of houses (removing drywall, insulation, flooring, paneling, etc), to painting rooms and decks, to yard work. We had the opportunity to meet a variety of members of the community and to hear their stories because we worked at different homes every day. It was a blessing to be a part of. The team was: Stephanie Ogden, Willa Richmond, Haley Silvernale, Natalie Shannon, Jacque Alvernaz, and Denise Brumbaugh. Many of you heard the various report backs from team members on Sunday 8/5/13 at all the services. Haley was not able to join us for that so she wrote this to share with you all:

I saw God in everything we did on this mission trip, from the working to the relaxing to the sight-seeing. Each day we worked on different houses doing a variety of things like, painting, weeding, and demolition. Seeing the progress we made at each house made me realize how amazing my team was and how whatever the task was, we were all ready and able to complete it with a great attitude. Our team works very well together and we all have our own specific skill.

Off the work site, during our down time, I was so grateful to spend time and really get to know our group as well as some of the other groups from across the country that all came together with a common goal, to help others and spread God’s love. While sight-seeing, we went to ground zero, and the 9/11 memorial which was a very emotional moment for me. Seeing all the names of those who were killed made me think about how lucky I am to be alive and to have God’s protection every day.

The entire week was a learning experience for me and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with such amazing people and learn more about God.