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Loaves and Fishes Small Group Fellowship

Loaves and Fishes are assigned fellowship groups of six to nine people who meet for fun and fellowship.  The idea is to become acquainted (or better acquainted) with others in our St. James community in a relaxed, informal setting. Once formed, the group can decide where, when and how often they meet. The gatherings can be at parishioners’ homes, public places, or at church; the group decides.

Loaves and Fishes groups are reorganized each year after Easter, although some groups are open to adding new members throughout the year.   If you have been a part of these fun gatherings in the past, we hope you will join again and invite others. If you have never joined before, we welcome you and offer the warmth and fellowship of our parish family.

For more information or to join a 2018 Loaves and Fishes group, please contact Kathy Hamilton


Kathy Hamilton

(206) 498-8573

The Episcopal Society of St. Anna and St. Simeon

The Episcopal Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna was founded in 1991 by the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, sixth Bishop of Alaska, and open to all persons who had been active in the Episcopal Diocese for at least fifteen years and who were sixty years of age or older. Having the blessing of our Bishop,the Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Mother Joyce would like to bring this society now to St. James’ Parish.

The purpose of the society is as an honorary community of elders, serving to acknowledge their role as mentors and tradition bearers, as well as to ask for their prayers for the local, Diocesan, and worldwide Episcopal Church, and for wisdom when needed in matters of our congregation. The society, from its inception, was meant as a model for Christian living, to encourage all persons in the Diocese to look toward these elders for images of life lived in the imitation of Christ.

The Society is bound by a threefold Rule of Life: to be constant in prayer; to be conscientious in ministry; to be compassionate in life. Members are asked to live this Rule in these ways: to pray for the Diocese of Western Washington each day, trusting that our church is supported and strengthened by the Grace of God and the response of the Holy Spirit; to serve the Rector of St. James as a council of advice, drawing on their wealth of experience to assist the Rector whenever he or she requests their counsel; and to mentor those serving in new ministries.


Mother Joyce Parry-Moore

(253) 852-4450

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

The monthly Men’s Fellowship Breakfast was started at the beginning of 2011 by Fr. Pete Stanton, the priest associate at the time. The aim was to encourage the men of the congregation to develop a time when they could share their continuing experiences both outside and within the church family. It is also a time when the men of the church can invite friends and neighbors to join them in this time of fellowship.

The monthly meeting is held in the church’s Parish Hall on the second Saturday of each month starting at 8:30 a.m. and is approximately one hour in length.  We open with a brief prayer, offering up our thanksgivings, dine on a dish provided by one of the participants, have a discussion of a Biblical offering by one of the participants, and close with intercessory prayers that are offered up for friends and family. The present leaders of the program are church members Jim Capes, Corky Corcoran, and Norm Harris.  The fellowship is open to all men.


Norm Harris

(253) 852-4003

Women’s Fellowship

We want to help every girl and woman of all ages discover her inner self and unfading beauty.  We meet monthly for breakfast on the third Saturday of every month to share our stories and learn from our sisters in Christ.  We typically have a weekend retreat in the Fall and we arrange other events throughout the year.  We would love to meet you and hear your story—join us!


Tisha Stril


Health Ministries

The St. James Health Ministry is coordinated by Parish Nurse, Debbie Danioth, RN, and was started in 2000. The St. James Vestry sent Debbie to the parish nurse course offered by Pacific Lutheran University (class accredited). Upon completion of the course, a Health Ministries group was formed, comprised of parishioners who have interests in health and wellness and want to support the Parish Nurse.  The group has met monthly in the past to focus on current health issues relevant to the St. James parish, and to support the Parish Nurse with events such as monthly blood pressure checks, blood drives coordinated with LDS church and the Puget Sound Blood Center, and CPR/First Aid courses. The group has been on hiatus, but continues to exchange information via email. A Health Ministries bulletin board is located in the Parish Hall with current health information.  Parishioners are encouraged to share health/wellness articles by submitting them to the Parish Nurse for possible posting on the bulletin board. The Parish Nurse functions voluntarily to help parishioners navigate health resources, concerns, and in crisis issues, as needed. She will make hospital visits or to home as needed and able. She also communicates with Rev. Marda as needed and with permission by parishioners to partner in their health concerns.


Debbie Danioth, RN
Parish Nurse


Little Sisters of St. Clare

The Little Sisters of St. Clare is a community of faithful women who seek to live a contemplative life of prayer, study, and service, in the tradition of St. Clare and St. Francis.

As a community, our beliefs are seen in our actions, our worship, and in our commitment to a common life. We actively serve in the world through guiding children and youth; caring for the poor, the ill, and the marginalized; nurturing the environment; and healing the wounded. We are not cloistered but live independently, valuing our proximity to each other. We gather three times a year for community worship and celebration. We gather monthly for Franciscan study and prayer, most typically in small chapters located throughout the greater Puget Sound area of Western Washington. Our community was recognized by the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops in 2002.

As individuals, our faith is rooted in our Baptismal Covenant; we express our response to God’s call in a lifestyle which interprets monastic traditions in a contemporary way. We guide our lives by the simple vows of simplicity, fidelity, and purity. We demonstrate our Franciscan roots in an attitude of respect and love for all creation, including deep care and consideration for each other. We are simple, married, and in committed relationships.


DedraAnn Bracher, LSSC
Mother Guardian